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Olympic Training

January 11, 2008

No Big Bums: China Prepares Olympic Hostess




December 30, 2007


Beijing’s Olympic Quest: Turn Smoggy Sky Blue 

They can try all they want to clean everything up for the Olympics. It won’t work and even if it does, they’ll drop everything after the games and people will be back to their polluted air.

I’m definitely watching the marathon this year. I want to see if anyone can survive 42.195 kilometres in THAT!

Chinese Pay-TV?

December 29, 2007

Remember when Green Bay played Dallas a month ago and people were outraged that they had to buy the NFL Network for an obscene price in order to watch the game? Even in America, land of capitalism, people feel they have a god-given right to watch their favorite sport. Tonight New England goes for perfection and the game has to be simulcast on CBS and NFL Network or else people might burn down Roger Goodell’s office.

So why is it in all places, CHINA, that there is talk of Pay-Per-View sports!?

Pay-TV turns off China football fans

I never thought I’d see the day that China would be creating a ‘class’ difference by offering ‘two-tiered’ television. Ok I’m lying, the communist are frauds and today they are doing the same things that they condemned during the People Revolution and purged millions for. It’s no surprise at all that China is becoming more capitalist and the land of the rich tycoons!

Dog Owner Takes On China’s Web Censors

December 27, 2007

Man Sues After Government Removes Posting Critical of Canine Height Restriction

Chen Yuhua wrote to the mayor of Beijing. No answer. He wrote to the city council. Still no answer.

A fair trial in China? Good luck buddy.

Chinese Toys

December 27, 2007

Chinese Kids Get Foreign-Brand Toys

Little Emperors in China get LEGOS. It’s a sign of wealth and class.
Chinese parents will spend a little extra to buy their kid a foreign toy.
American parents will spend a little less to buy their spoiled kid every cheap Walmart toy.

Tell me about values again?