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French-Canadian Discussion About Inter-Racial Relationships (asian/white)

January 6, 2008

Here’s a topic I found on a forum for you french speakers. The name of the thread is ¨Le blanc et le jaune¨ which means the white and the yellow. The original posters asks why they are a lots of AF/WM but not a lots of AM/WF relationships. Most of the girls answered that they are attracted to good looking Asian male but that they’re not enough of them in the movies and the media so they associate the Asian male as asexual (the name Jackie Chan came offen)

Some of them said also that the Asian male is too shy and don’t show their emotions enough and there are some very good comments from girls who talk about Vietnamese guys they dated. The province of Quebec has a huge Vietnamese community.


Fat Asians

December 31, 2007

More Asian American youth becoming obese

Despite the stereotype Asians are petite and skinny, studies show this population is rapidly becoming overweight _ so much so that a state agency is targeting Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in a campaign. Asian Americans have the fastest growing rate of overweight and obese children, according to the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, and Training.

That’s not a hard statistic to come up with. It’s easier to go from 100 to 110 then from 200 to 220 pounds (10%)

“Asian American families tend to be less physically active, more home-oriented and more screen-oriented than other groups, which can create obesity issues,” said Kris Perry, executive director of First 5 California, a state agency that recently launched an awareness campaign.

I dont know about that. If you go to any gym you’ll see Asians playing badminton and swimming. Also you should see kids that come to my house. They run up and down the stairs and jump on beds. I can’t keep up with them!

Fast food seems to be one of the culprits.

Come on kids, stop eating fast food. You can easily go get some Chinese bakery items or Banh Mi Vietnam or Tapioca or anything but Burger King! I always thought we ate in small portions compared to Westerners (a bowl of rice compared to a steak!)

Kids are just fat and lazy these days no matter what the race! Stop Eating!

Youtubin’ Asians

December 27, 2007

YouTube, Land of the Brave Asian American

Is it that easy? Just have some musical skill and make videos on youtube?  Maybe we should all give it a try!

Rockin’ Choir

December 27, 2007

Singing all that’s sacred

While the make-up of the 70-member choir is 99 per cent Asian Canadian, it didn’t stop it from bringing down a packed house.

Wot? Are Asian-Canadians not capable of bringing down houses? The writer seems shocked!


December 27, 2007

Welcome to Degenerasian, created Boxing Day 2007.

This blog will be a platform documenting all aspects of Asian life. For those of us who are Asian that live outside of Asia lose a bit of ourselves day by day. We try and try to hold on to our culture but bit by bit through events that we can or cannot control we adapt to a new way of life and become a degenerate Asian. So this blog will be about the good, bad, and silliness of everything Asian in the world. Hope you will join me in sharing your opinions on all events.