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looking for a “very asian man”

February 27, 2008



┬áThat can’t be good.



January 28, 2008

Non-Asian related item.


Second Life flops in Japan

December 30, 2007

Second Life is flopping in Japan! Apparently, the competition from games like meet-me and Hatena World is too much for Second Life in the land of the rising sun. Second Life publishers Linden Labs are addressing the game’s popularity gap in Japan by adding some uniquely Japanese touches:

  • Virtual subways, where virtual hands grope virtual asses
  • Virtual working hours, where leisure is forbidden until work is complete
  • Virtual drinking binges, complete with virtual puddles of vomit on the virtual streets
  • Purple octopus demons that rape everyone and everything in sight

Will it be enough to close the cultural gap? Only time will tell.


December 27, 2007

Welcome to Degenerasian, created Boxing Day 2007.

This blog will be a platform documenting all aspects of Asian life. For those of us who are Asian that live outside of Asia lose a bit of ourselves day by day. We try and try to hold on to our culture but bit by bit through events that we can or cannot control we adapt to a new way of life and become a degenerate Asian. So this blog will be about the good, bad, and silliness of everything Asian in the world. Hope you will join me in sharing your opinions on all events.