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Fugu Home Cooking

January 6, 2008

In Japan, there are two Schools of fugu-loving gourmets: those who think paying inflated restaurant fees for the expertise of a specially-trained fugu chef is worth the price… and those who rarely make it to their next meal (same, Google-translated).


Rockin’ Ramen!

January 5, 2008

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting profile on Rickmond Wong (if that’s not a true Chinese American name, I don’t know what is), aka the Rameniac, a popular food blogger on all things ramen: He’s the rock star of ramen. His blog includes an in-depth discussion of Japan’s regional styles of ramen, reviews of ramen restaurants, reviews of packaged ramen, and even videos of ramen being made and slurped.  On a cold winter day, a big bowl of steaming hot ramen sounds pretty damn good. I’m now really really hungry!