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Do you use/believe in Western medicine or Eastern medicine?

January 6, 2008

Here’s a thought i had today as I’m watching football players get hurt on the field.

When I was in high school and sprained my ankle playing basketball, my dad took me to a Chinese herbalist to heal it (instead of a Western doctor). The herbalist checked my pulse and rubbed at my ankle. Then he put together some herbs, added water, and made it into a smelly paste (it looked like dirt to me), and proceeded to tape 1″ thick, flat bamboo sticks to my ankle as a brace. He applied the herbal-dirt-looking-paste around my ankle, bandaged the whole thing with plastic and sent me home.

About a week later when my ankle still hurt, I finally convinced my dad to take me to a Western hospital. I wanted to get an x-ray and make sure it wasn’t broken. In order to take the x-ray, the nurse had to remove my bandages. At the time, I was really embarrassed by this. It seriously looked like dirt packed around my ankle and it smelled bad!

Now that I’m older, I’m not so ashamed because I understand that my parents were brought up using Eastern medicine and it has real value to them. I’m still skeptical about it since I was raised in Canada, but I’m open-minded. My parents are over 50 and they have used it with great success!

When my dad fell off his bike and hurt his shoulder, he saw three Western doctors (one was even a “specialist”) who weren’t of much help. (He was in a lot of pain when he moved that arm.) A few months later, my dad saw a Chinese herbalist during our vacation in Hong Kong and his shoulder finally started to feel better.

So I wonder: how many Asian-Canadians believe in Western vs. Eastern medicine? Maybe the older generation believes more in Eastern medicine while the younger generations believe in Western?

NB: Western doctor does not mean a White doctor. There are lots of Asians and other ethnicities practicing Western medicine.


French-Canadian Discussion About Inter-Racial Relationships (asian/white)

January 6, 2008

Here’s a topic I found on a forum for you french speakers. The name of the thread is ¨Le blanc et le jaune¨ which means the white and the yellow. The original posters asks why they are a lots of AF/WM but not a lots of AM/WF relationships. Most of the girls answered that they are attracted to good looking Asian male but that they’re not enough of them in the movies and the media so they associate the Asian male as asexual (the name Jackie Chan came offen)

Some of them said also that the Asian male is too shy and don’t show their emotions enough and there are some very good comments from girls who talk about Vietnamese guys they dated. The province of Quebec has a huge Vietnamese community.

Rockin’ Ramen!

January 5, 2008

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting profile on Rickmond Wong (if that’s not a true Chinese American name, I don’t know what is), aka the Rameniac, a popular food blogger on all things ramen: He’s the rock star of ramen. His blog includes an in-depth discussion of Japan’s regional styles of ramen, reviews of ramen restaurants, reviews of packaged ramen, and even videos of ramen being made and slurped.  On a cold winter day, a big bowl of steaming hot ramen sounds pretty damn good. I’m now really really hungry!

Dear Son: Asian Pop

January 4, 2008

The latest installment of Asian Pop is very amusing and sad.

Dear Son

In the article Jeff writes a letter to his unborn son with hilarious stories. (ie.. Jun Natsukawa is NOT research!). And the article ends with a list of notable Asians who past away in 2007.

Toronto’s Language Quilt

January 3, 2008

From Accordion Guy.

56% English. It’ll be under 50% sooner rather than later. Toronto is really turning into an Interntational City.

Fat Asians

December 31, 2007

More Asian American youth becoming obese

Despite the stereotype Asians are petite and skinny, studies show this population is rapidly becoming overweight _ so much so that a state agency is targeting Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in a campaign. Asian Americans have the fastest growing rate of overweight and obese children, according to the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, and Training.

That’s not a hard statistic to come up with. It’s easier to go from 100 to 110 then from 200 to 220 pounds (10%)

“Asian American families tend to be less physically active, more home-oriented and more screen-oriented than other groups, which can create obesity issues,” said Kris Perry, executive director of First 5 California, a state agency that recently launched an awareness campaign.

I dont know about that. If you go to any gym you’ll see Asians playing badminton and swimming. Also you should see kids that come to my house. They run up and down the stairs and jump on beds. I can’t keep up with them!

Fast food seems to be one of the culprits.

Come on kids, stop eating fast food. You can easily go get some Chinese bakery items or Banh Mi Vietnam or Tapioca or anything but Burger King! I always thought we ate in small portions compared to Westerners (a bowl of rice compared to a steak!)

Kids are just fat and lazy these days no matter what the race! Stop Eating!


December 30, 2007


Beijing’s Olympic Quest: Turn Smoggy Sky Blue 

They can try all they want to clean everything up for the Olympics. It won’t work and even if it does, they’ll drop everything after the games and people will be back to their polluted air.

I’m definitely watching the marathon this year. I want to see if anyone can survive 42.195 kilometres in THAT!

China “busting out all over”

December 30, 2007

You think you know the stereotype of Asian women and small bust lines? Think again. China is facing a deficit of bra cup capacity as chests continue to swell with no end in sight. Demand for “C, D, even E cups” is rising, and companies are struggling to get into the market. Lingerie saleswoman Zhang Jing remarked “It’s so different from the past when most young women would wear A- or B-cup bras. You will never expect those thin women to have such nice figures if they are not plastic.”

Does she look “plastic”? No. No she does not.

Hello Kitty Hits on Guys

December 29, 2007


An Sanrio Co. employee shows Hello Kitty products targeted at young men at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo Friday, Dec. 28, 2007. The cuddly white cat, usually seen on toys and jewelry for young females, will soon adorn T-shirts, bags, watches and other products targeting young men, company spokesman Kazuo Tohmatsu said Friday. The feline for-men products will go on sale in Japan next month, and will be sold soon in the U.S. and other Asian nations, according to Sanrio. (AP Photo)

Macho Makeover for Hello Kitty 

The watch looks really nice.. would you guys get one? 🙂

Rockin’ Choir

December 27, 2007

Singing all that’s sacred

While the make-up of the 70-member choir is 99 per cent Asian Canadian, it didn’t stop it from bringing down a packed house.

Wot? Are Asian-Canadians not capable of bringing down houses? The writer seems shocked!