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Steph Song

January 7, 2008


Give her a role she can really sink her background into

The most attractive woman in the world, officially, is Canadian and lives in Vancouver’s upscale South Granville neighbourhood. Better still, she’s circumspect about her title. She disparages it a little, but also considers it a lark.

Most attractive in the world! That’s saying something. I’ll be anxious to see her in the new show called jPod. She played a bit role in Dragon Boys but playing a girl tricked into prostitution, she didn’t look her best.


French-Canadian Discussion About Inter-Racial Relationships (asian/white)

January 6, 2008

Here’s a topic I found on a forum for you french speakers. The name of the thread is ¨Le blanc et le jaune¨ which means the white and the yellow. The original posters asks why they are a lots of AF/WM but not a lots of AM/WF relationships. Most of the girls answered that they are attracted to good looking Asian male but that they’re not enough of them in the movies and the media so they associate the Asian male as asexual (the name Jackie Chan came offen)

Some of them said also that the Asian male is too shy and don’t show their emotions enough and there are some very good comments from girls who talk about Vietnamese guys they dated. The province of Quebec has a huge Vietnamese community.

Toronto’s Language Quilt

January 3, 2008

From Accordion Guy.

56% English. It’ll be under 50% sooner rather than later. Toronto is really turning into an Interntational City.