Do you use/believe in Western medicine or Eastern medicine?


Here’s a thought i had today as I’m watching football players get hurt on the field.

When I was in high school and sprained my ankle playing basketball, my dad took me to a Chinese herbalist to heal it (instead of a Western doctor). The herbalist checked my pulse and rubbed at my ankle. Then he put together some herbs, added water, and made it into a smelly paste (it looked like dirt to me), and proceeded to tape 1″ thick, flat bamboo sticks to my ankle as a brace. He applied the herbal-dirt-looking-paste around my ankle, bandaged the whole thing with plastic and sent me home.

About a week later when my ankle still hurt, I finally convinced my dad to take me to a Western hospital. I wanted to get an x-ray and make sure it wasn’t broken. In order to take the x-ray, the nurse had to remove my bandages. At the time, I was really embarrassed by this. It seriously looked like dirt packed around my ankle and it smelled bad!

Now that I’m older, I’m not so ashamed because I understand that my parents were brought up using Eastern medicine and it has real value to them. I’m still skeptical about it since I was raised in Canada, but I’m open-minded. My parents are over 50 and they have used it with great success!

When my dad fell off his bike and hurt his shoulder, he saw three Western doctors (one was even a “specialist”) who weren’t of much help. (He was in a lot of pain when he moved that arm.) A few months later, my dad saw a Chinese herbalist during our vacation in Hong Kong and his shoulder finally started to feel better.

So I wonder: how many Asian-Canadians believe in Western vs. Eastern medicine? Maybe the older generation believes more in Eastern medicine while the younger generations believe in Western?

NB: Western doctor does not mean a White doctor. There are lots of Asians and other ethnicities practicing Western medicine.


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2 Responses to “Do you use/believe in Western medicine or Eastern medicine?”

  1. undercanopy Says:

    Both types of medicine have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a cold, Western medicine is a better choice. For physical injuries, Eastern medicine is preferred. People of older generations are more informed than you think. They too understand this.

  2. Russell Nelson Says:

    Western medicine for trauma, Eastern medicine for chronic.

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