Beijing’s Olympic Quest: Turn Smoggy Sky Blue 

They can try all they want to clean everything up for the Olympics. It won’t work and even if it does, they’ll drop everything after the games and people will be back to their polluted air.

I’m definitely watching the marathon this year. I want to see if anyone can survive 42.195 kilometres in THAT!


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2 Responses to “Smogglympics”

  1. Russell Nelson Says:

    Well, but consider the wealth / pollution curve. People are willing to tolerate pollution as long as they’re becoming more wealthy … up to a point. Then they want the pollution to go away. We shouldn’t be trying to stop pollution — we should be trying to make people wealthy enough that THEY stop pollution.

  2. degenerasian Says:

    You can never be weahtly enough. In China and Vietnam you have people who have a million dollars and people who don’t even have a hundred. And millionaire don’t really help the environment or help the hundredaires. It’s more capitalist now then America!

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