Chinese Pay-TV?


Remember when Green Bay played Dallas a month ago and people were outraged that they had to buy the NFL Network for an obscene price in order to watch the game? Even in America, land of capitalism, people feel they have a god-given right to watch their favorite sport. Tonight New England goes for perfection and the game has to be simulcast on CBS and NFL Network or else people might burn down Roger Goodell’s office.

So why is it in all places, CHINA, that there is talk of Pay-Per-View sports!?

Pay-TV turns off China football fans

I never thought I’d see the day that China would be creating a ‘class’ difference by offering ‘two-tiered’ television. Ok I’m lying, the communist are frauds and today they are doing the same things that they condemned during the People Revolution and purged millions for. It’s no surprise at all that China is becoming more capitalist and the land of the rich tycoons!


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