Philipino Sex Dolls?


Protest sex dolls seized in Philippines – rights group

CUSTOMS officials in the Philippines have seized inflatable sex dolls meant to be used for an international campaign against animal cruelty, an animal rights group said. 

Say what? Are these sex dolls human or some sort of PETA animal. PETA’s getting more creative than I thought.


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5 Responses to “Philipino Sex Dolls?”

  1. fadi Says:

    hi all

  2. Happy H Says:

    Get a sex doll home today or

  3. haven Says:

    oh really? i’ve never heard of it. though i’ve seen one used in a Korean movie….but it wasn’t made out of animal skin or hair but made out of plastic….

  4. Sex Toy Fanatic Says:

    I think the manufacturer of this sex dolls are concerned about the existence of animal rights in this world. Hence, the sex dolls are really not made of animal skin and that’s my point of view about that.

  5. vibe-master Says:

    Find the article great. I never thought that sex dolls are made of animal skin, but as far as I know sex dolls are not made of animal skin. I salute PETA for having research about sex doll that are made of animal skin, they are really concern about the animals around the world and even the health of the people using this so called sex dolls that are made of animal skin.

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